A club is an association of two or more people, united by a common interest or goal. The Dancing Club is not a formalized club, but a place where people share a common desire to be involved in sincere and serious understanding and application of dance, for the purpose of enjoyment, performance, or competition.

With one group that has been at The Dancing Club since 2013 (Bravo Productions) itʼs about the art of merging dance, acting, singing and all that goes with a full stage production. Others have solid dance rehearsals or private or groups classes.  We currently have :

    • Bravo Productions  (Jr. Musicals),
    • Laurie Levy  Issembert  . . . Executive Producer
    • Michelle Reyes (Kizomba and Salsa, Ladies Performance Rehearsals),
    • John Morgan (Irish Dance Rehearsals),
    • Sippora Lehrhaupt (Weight Management Exercise Program),
    • David  Cuevas (Latin Dance Group Rehearsals)
    • Thomas Bevans (Basic Ballroom Plus Group Classes)


  • When you walk into The Dancing Club you get a good sense of a solid working atmosphere, with no distractions from your goal. We hope you find the answer to your interests with The Dancing Club and if you need a place to teach or rehearse, we welcome your inquiries.