"The Dancing Club is a place where people can share a common desire to be involved in sincere and serious understanding and application of dance for the purpose of enjoyment, performance, or competition."

- Thomas Bevans, Studio Director -

Dance Classes at The Dancing Club

All teachers and groups are independent of the studio. Usually, their events run at the same time every week.
See our Calendar page for current and future scheduling of classes and rehearsals.

Thomas dancing with his wife, Bobby Suto

Thomas Bevans

Thomas is the owner and director of The Dancing Club. He has been teaching ballroom dance for over 40 years and has developed a style that strives to inspire each dancer to look beyond the patterns and embrace the elements which make the patterns come alive. Understanding the posture that creates proper dance balance, look and communication is one of his most important goals to convey to each student. He teaches Ballroom Basics Plus on Thursdays at 7:00 pm. He is also available for private lessons and is the contact to discuss rental of the studio for any teaching, rehearsal, or parties. Contact Thomas here.